our culture
Our Culture

Our culture defines us. It shapes our direction.

Each of ICONIK people contributes building our culture day by day. It embodies our beliefs and visions.

Professionalism is essential 

Professionalism is important to both individuals and ICONIK. It is the way of how well we carry ourselves at work, how we treat coworkers and how we handle our projects. Positive values embody good qualities that enhance our capabilities in the workplace.


It is the culture in which the mix of people can come to work, feel comfortable and confident to be themselves, work in a way that suits them and delivers our needs. Inclusion will ensure that everyone in ICONIK feels valued and importantly, adds value.


The concept is applicable to both the community and an individual (as life-long learning). The ultimate goal is to conserve the natural environment and ensure that all people enjoy peace and the resources we have, now and for future generations.

Mindful of our wellbeing

We care about the feeling of our people. Having good mental health, high life satisfaction, a sense of meaning or purpose, and ability to manage stress. Feeling well in iconik is the core of taking care of our team. There are many ways to care about our people and their families. Action please.

sharing is most welcome

In ICONIK, we welcome everybody to share what they want to to share. It can be some thoughts, a question, a photo, a piece of gossip, a Sunday family activity, a cup of coffee etc. We hope everyone who works in ICONIK loves their job and is proud of being an ICONIK people.