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ICONIK is an inter-disciplinary specialist consultancy practice known for delivering comprehensive architectural supporting services including lighting, acoustics, audio-visual and architectural consultancy. We are committed to supporting and encouraging sustainable and wellness design solutions to our community.

Our vision is to create a balance and a seamless connection among the four disciplines, to achieve an authentic, thoughtful design, inspired by the build environment. We express our specialist consultancy with integration of client’s expectation, appreciation to the architectural design, our professional knowledges and strategic technical thinking.

Based in Hong Kong with a diverse team of experienced and passionate specialists, ICONIK, takes commissions in consultancy challenges for commercial, public sector, residential, hospitality, as well as art and cultural projects across Hong Kong and Mainland China.

At ICONIK, we strive to create spaces that people enjoy staying in, feel good after leaving and still appreciate years later. We believe that lighting, acoustics and audio-visual are elements that care the nature as well as address the human needs.

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Lighting, acoustics, audio visual and architectural consultancy practice providing inter-disciplinary supports to architectural design projects.


Commit to support and encourage people-centered and sustainable design solutions to our community.