At ICONIK, our lighting design principle is Aesthetics + Green Conservation. Create value optimization design between visual effect and environmental protection.


Artificial Lighting Design

  • Perception-Based design approach. Aims at 30%-40% less power consumption compared to traditional lighting design
  • Artificial lighting design from the initial concept to test and commissioning
  • Consultation for design competition, report & study
  • Building certification (BEAM Plus, LEED, WELL, 中國綠色建築評價標準, etc.)
  • Artificial lighting calculation and simulation
  • Road light calculation and government submission
  • Human centric lighting design and solutions

Lighting Audit Assessment

  • Comprehensive assessment to accelerate cooperate ESG strategy
  • Tackle energy savings, maintenance savings, light level, light quality plus other lighting related wellness factors
  • Energy consumption review and on-site lighting measurement for data analysis
  • Recommendation on optimizing lighting system both lighting effect and control methodology
  • Creating a pleasant work environment and engages employees
audio visual

Daylight Design

  • Evaluation and simulation of daylight
  • Studies concerning both sun exposure and the effects of shading The optimization of daylighting in buildings
  • Visualization models and calculations using the Artificial Sky
  • Building certification (BEAM Plus, LEED, WELL, 中國綠色建築評價標準, etc.)

Light Art Design & Installation

  • Design and production of art piece with interaction of light for temporary or permanent architectural space.
  • Consultation advice for lighting activities and social engagement events.
  • Projection mapping, neon art, digital graffiti and light painting etc.

Research & Study

  • Development and impact of light
  • Visual effects of light
  • Biological effects of light
  • Therapeutic effects of light
  • Project-specific product development
  • Development of innovative product solutions for architectural use