An ideal audio visual system is the result of a complex blend of various technologies and systems. It is designed not just to provide the optimal performance experience, but also to anticipate future needs.

Audio Visual

Digital Signage Design

  • Interactive display system design
  • Multi-media network control system design
  • Integrate the digital signage to work seamlessly such as in-store audio and advertising, paging system and tailor-made system.

LED Video Wall Design

  • Design integrated LED wall system for auditorium, theatre and club house including seminars, public speaking events, business meetings, performances, lectures, ceremonies, and community events.
audio visual

PA / BGM System

  • Design of PA/BGM system which demonstrates the essential features of a public address system for speech, recorded music and live sound reinforcement.
  • Develop PA/BGM system for broadcasting announcements in consideration of the ambient noise environment.

Video Conferencing Design

  • Design audio-visual system including display, audio system, presentation system, video collaboration system, network considerations and integration with IT networks
  • Design control program to define the interface design, control system flow and deliver the required functionalities of the system.
audio visual