The aura of a well-planned acoustical environment is achieved by improving the acoustic properties of the space to be more neutral and sonically pleasing.


Architectural Acoustic Design

  • Preliminary noise survey study
  • Concept and detailed designs for noise isolations between rooms, floors and facades, for vibration controls of building services plants and for room acoustics e.g. lift radiated noise control to the adjacent residential units
  • Tender documents preparations including specifications, drawings and supporting documents
  • On-site supervisions, mock-up tests and T&C

Noise & Vibration Control

  • Train mechanical noise and vibration, both at sources and receivers
  • Traffic noise measurements
  • Fixed plants noise and vibration measurements, including but not limited to pumps, generators, chillers and cooling towers.
  • Suggest and propose mitigations if the measured levels exceed the limits

Energy Saving Solution Development

  • Energy saving acoustics system application development
  • Formulate sound field for optimal HVAC system configuration
  • Build physical mock-up model to verify the system performance
  • Integrate the system to be compatible with building management system BMS

Acoustic Modelling

  • Room acoustics modelling (Cadna)
  • Noise isolation modelling (Insul)
  • Public address system modelling (EASE)
  • Environmental noise modelling including train noise, traffic noise, fixed plant noise (Cadna, SoundPlan)