BEAM Plus New Building V2.0 – Exterior Lighting

Exterior lighting is presented as SS6 Lighting Pollution Control under 3 Sustainable Sites (SS). It applies to all types of new buildings. The objective is to ensure that the exterior lighting and building design do not create unwanted and unnecessary light pollution.

2nos. Credits

1 credit – Control of Obtrusive Artificial Light (prepared by lighting consultant)

  • Demonstrating the obtrusive light from the exterior lighting design meets the specified performance for the environmental zone of the development 

1 credit – Control of External Light Reflection from Building (prepared by architect)

  • Demonstrating the sunlight reflection from external surfaces of the buildings is controlled by using materials with acceptable external light reflectance
Control of Obtrusive Artificial Light

The BEAM Plus assessment involves reviewing the following submissions.

A Scaled Map

To show the immediate neighbourhood of the site