New Collaboration Announcement : Energy Saving Acoustics Technology Development with Swire Properties

We are delighted to announce our first cooperation with Swire Properties Limited (Swire Properties) starts today! The collaboration between ICONIK and Swire Properties focuses on developing an energy-saving solution with the application of acoustics design and computing technology that share a common set of goals.

How does the ICONIK x Swire Properties collaboration benefit our environment?

We are all concerned about climate change, global warming, the Paris Agreement, and carbon neutralization, etc., which are hot topics around all of us. As a leader in creating sustainable living environments in Hong Kong, Swire Properties is committed to implementing energy-saving measures in the management of its properties. We are excited to be appointed to design an acoustics hybrid technology which aims to reduce the electricity consumption in Swire Properties’ shopping malls.

Photo by Swire Properties Limited

Commercial buildings are equipped with large-scale HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air-Conditioning) systems, and the corresponding massive electrical consumption has been an issue due to the adoption of high-power-rated fan units. Another problem associated with these systems is the generation of noise by the movement of air within the ducts.

Collaboration with Swire Properties on the development of a hybrid noise control system is a significant breakthrough for us, as it targets both energy savings and acoustics environment improvement.

The outcome will be a highly targeted, evidence-based suite of pragmatic acoustics system application technology. We are looking forward to designing and delivering an impactful energy-saving solution that will make a significant difference in protecting environment.

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